Rhea Clements: AW12

Nuria 1#

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to work with the very talented Rhea Clements. Rhea is a Nottingham-based jewellery and accessories designer who specialises in knitwear. She asked me to photograph her gorgeous latest collection for her (I was especially fond of the necklace above… I may have to treat myself), ready for autumn, and of course, I was happy to oblige. After some discussion, we established that she wished for a theme of ‘war paint’ and warriors.

The makeup involved was really quite extraordinary, and required two hours of work from both a makeup artist and body paint artist, collaborating together. I dread to think just how much black body paint was used to achieve this look. It was all worth it, as the look gave the final images a really edgy, powerful look to them, which, luckily, Rhea loved.

Nuria 3# Nuria 9# Nuria 8# Nuria 7# Nuria 6# Nuria 5# _MG_9146Nuria 2#

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