The 3 L's


I have mixed feelings about 2012, in some ways it was without a doubt the best years of my life so far, and in others the most challenging and difficult. It started on a high, throughout the year things just kept on getting better and better, but these past few months… I really feel that I’ve changed a lot over the past year, I’ve had my ups and downs, I’ve been close to breaking point once or twice and I’m lucky that my friends always know exactly what needs to be said to help pick me up. So thank you lovelies ♥ I’ve probably needed them more this year than I ever have but at the same time I feel stronger and more independent then ever.

I’ve seen quite a few people picking ‘theme words’ to best describe their 2012, so for me its undoubtedly ‘travel’. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite entensively, to about a dozen or so countries in all, some more than once (and as my new year resolution was to travel to at least three, I’m pretty proud of myself for that!). My summer backpacking around Europe was the happiest time of my life, I met so many amazing people, many of whom I am lucky enough to now call my friends, but at the same time I found coming back to Derby and to the routine of university so much more difficult than I expected, to the point that I really struggled to find the motivation necessary for my first semester, I just wanted to drop out and carry on travelling. I think everyone reaches a point when they’re just ready to leave the education system and start properly living life, and so I’m counting down the days until I can say goodbye to university. But for now, we have our final exhibition in Derby and London to organise, and I’m create something amazing for my scrap of wall space. If I can combine my final semester’s work with more overseas travel, that would be perfect 😀

Hopefully this summer I’ll finally make it to Egypt and Greece, two countries that I’ve always desperately wanted to explore, being the history geek that I am. A friend has also invited me back to Bordeaux to collaborate on a photo shoot and I also hope to visit another friend in Prague, so hopefully this will be another year of constant travelling. Also, throughout this year I’ll be working hard to arrange a big two-year adventure to keep me busy through 2014-15, which hopefully I’ll be posting about in the next few weeks, once I know for sure whether I’ll be granted a long enough visa… though I’m feeling pretty optimistic about that 🙂 lots to look forward to.

As for my photography, I think my portfolio is going to expand into other areas, which is a little daunting, as I’ve just focused 100% on fashion photography for six or seven years now, but I’m also excited to try out new ideas and experiment and just have fun and see what happens.

Bye 2012 ♥

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