The Alexis Mabille Couture SS 2013 Collection hit the catwalks yesterday at Paris’ Mode à Paris and, as ever, I want to buy every single piece of the collection for myself.. if only I had both the money to afford such a luxury and a big enough wardrobe to store it all.. but then again, if I did, I wouldn’t hide away such beautiful dressed in a wardrobe, I’d want to display them around the big house that I would of course have (I mean, obviously I’d buy myself a big house before I but myself an entire designer couture collection!). When I’m not waltzing around my big house in my lovely designer dresses, I’d hang the rest of them from the ceiling as light shades, and centre them in big gold empty frames, and use them as curtains between rooms.. but of course that would be ridiculous, and so I’m glad that I don’t actually have any money to fund my ridiculously over-active imagination.

Welcome to the contents of my head, people, this is the sort of silliness I have to deal with on a daily basis! And now it’s a blog.. oh dear :’)

You can see the entire collection here.

It’s a collection that is about as feminine as it is possible to get, all about delicate floating fabrics, pastel hues with pops of dramatic black details and the occasional splash of eye-catching colour, and Mabille, has managed to weave perfectly between remaining exactly on trend, meeting the exact desires of beloved fashionistas worldwide, while adding his own bold streak to the styles that have been floating down the catwalk again and again for quite some time now. The lace details and net skirts are very Black Swan, while the bigger ball gown dresses would not be out of place in the next big budget fairy tale adaption that Hollywood throws our way. The models sported slicked back, white-streaked updo’s that complimented the pale colour palette, their makeup always a few shades paler than their necks and shoulders, a slight rosy blush to their cheeks and natural, glossy lips. Nails are painted a mushroom colour, completed with white french tips. I love the shoes! So simple, though I can’t help but wish that they had gone as far as quick swipe of mushroom varnish on their toenails too!

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Alexis Mabille Couture SS13


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