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If Only: Outfit of the Day 21#

Ever since the release of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer (how amazing does that soundtrack sound, by the way?!), everyone seems to be bringing every shade of grey to the forefront of their fashion lines and retail shops. I admit, I’m jumping on that bandwagon, as there are so many amazingly gorgeous grey garments to lust over right now. I threw in a few gold pieces to stop the look from becoming entirely washed out… I can’t get over this Malene Birger bodysuit and maxi skirt combo.. I love it, I adore it, I need it in my wardrobe immediately.



1. River Island Grey Faux Fur Lined Gilet. £60. Available here.

2. By Malene Birger Tarenza Silk-Blend Maxi Skirt. £400. Available here.

3. By Malene Birger Majionas Stretch-Jersey and Mesh Bodysuit. £110. Available here.

4. Chloé Baylee Medium Tote. £1145. Available here.

5. Ted Baker Tabbey White Leather Flat Sandals. £95 £66. Available here.

6. Aurelié Bidermann Central Park Gold-Plated Leaf Earrings. £270. Available here.

7. Chloé Define Gold-Tone Tassel Necklace. £400. Available here.

8. Giles & Brother Skinny Cortina Cuff Bracelet. $80. Available here.

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Another London Stroll…

Once again, me and my camera went on one of our London ramblings… oh dear, I’m already running out of post titles for these walks…

There are also one or two thrown in from last week that have since grown on me.













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My Battle with Sensitive Skin…

I’ve always been one of those lucky, lucky people who suffer from skin issues – eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, not to mention that my list of allergies (most of which are those random chemicals that they seem to put in everything) is longer than my arm. Both arms. In fact, my allergy list is probably longer than I am tall. And it was getting worse, until finally, about one year ago, I decided to substitute as many of my beauty products as possible for natural ingredients, to try and stop he constant string of allergic reactions and eczema attacks. I’m still prone to get a rash on my face or a breakout once a month or so (annoyingly, it always seems to be my face that suffers, regardless to whether I’m having a reaction to something that was applied to my skin, or something that I have eaten), but it’s a thousand times better than it was. I just thought I’d share a few of my ‘go-to’ ingredients, and how I use them.

1. Clay.


Grey clay, green clay, red clay, pink clay… The most common use for clay on our skin is as a face mask, but mixed with a little water, and it also becomes a great facial cleanser. White or red clay is best for sensitive skin, red also being dreat to hydrating dry skin, while pink works best to bring life to dull, tired skin, and there are a whole host of clays suitable for those of you plagued by oily skin (green, rhassoul, bentonite, kaolin, fuller’s earth..) It draws toxins out of our skin and calms inflammations.

Other natural ingredients that can be mixed with clay and applied as a face wash or face mask include aloe vera, olive oil (though I definitely wouldn’t advice using olive oil unless you have really dry skin), organic yogurt, or buttermilk.

2. Raw Organic Honey.


I go through jar after jar of honey; I use it to lighten my hair in the summer, I use it to keep my skin silky smooth, and it also clears up any breakouts, as honey is antibacterial and so will fight against the gunk for you! While raw honey is better than processed, and organic is better still, it is pricier, and I’ve found that processed honey also works – it just takes an extra week or so to see a difference.

3. Oatmeal.


My go-to thing when I have an itchy eczema breakout. I tend to get them on my face, elbows and knees, so I mix oatmeal with honey (yogurt would also work), and apply it as a mask. It takes the itch away almost instantly, which is great, because the eczema is bad enough, but the red ribbons down my face the next day from trying to claw my face off isn’t pleasant either.

4. Sugar.


Dry skin tends to be an issue for me – an obvious result of my eczema, and there is no better exfoliater than sugar. A quick search online, and you’ll find thousands of sugar scrub recipes, and I think most involve combining sugar with olive oil. Lemon and sugar is great for buffing away a tan, if you prefer to remain pasty white and tan-line-free, as I do. Coffee scrubs are known for fading those pesky cellulite marks and orange peel skin. Sugar scrubs are also great for super-soft, kissable lips. 

I’ve bookmarked a few of my favourite sugar scrub recipes here.

5. Bananas.


While I try to eat healthily, I always find myself with a few over-ripe bananas at the end of the week. They’re great for a hydrating face mask (though it looks disgusting when applied), or another sugar scrub recipe. Banana peel also has a number of great uses; placed on top of a painful area, it reduces the pain within 30 minutes. Weird, I know. Rubbing fresh banana peel over acne everyday will result in a visible difference after a week, as well as keeping wrinkles at bay. Who knew.. I also like to mix banana with honey and almond milk to help with a dry, flaky scalp (because lucky me, my eczema doesn’t just settle for my face!)

PS. Apparently while sugar scrubs are great for dry or normal skin, salt scrubs are better suited to oily skin types. I guess people with combination skin will have to make a judgement call on that one… or maybe alternate between the two?

6. Coconut oil.


Besides honey, this is the most important thing in my ‘beauty kitchen cupboard’. I use it as a moisturiser (at night only, as it’s quite heavy otherwise), eye-makeup remover, conditioner, eczema cream, as an anti-inflammatory, hand cream, anti-aging cream, and a dose of daily coconut oil helps with allergy symptoms. It’s wonderful stuff.

7. Almond/Hazelnut milk.


Not only is it yummy, but I was told fairly recently by my dermatologist that cows milk is one of the most common triggers of eczema… and on cutting it out of my diet, I did notice a dramatic difference. However, I do love my bowl of cereal for lunch (yes, I’ll have someone from the bakery for breakfast, and cereal for lunch…), so I knew that I had to find an alternative. Almond or hazelnut milk not only taste delicious, they are both actually very easy to make at home, they act great as a toner, or makeup remover. Yes, these alternatives are pricer than cows milk, but it’s definitely worth the extra pennies.

I could easily talk for hours about all of these ingredients, and more – each one has dozens, if not hundreds of uses in my beauty routine, as well as my diet and generally just my healthy, eczema-fighting lifestyle, so no doubt I’ll be writing more posts like this in future to elaborate on the contents of the ‘beauty cupboard’ in my kitchen. For now, however, I hope that some of you at least have found this quick peak of what I use to keep the dermatitis at bay useful.

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If Only: Outfit of the Day 20#

With the hat, the wide-leg trousers, the heels, I guess today’s look has some strong 70s vibes. With a murky colour pallet ad that pop of blue, it’s a very autumnal look, simple, understated, but edgy all the same.


1. AllSaints Myrthe Top in Black/Mustard. £148. Available here.

2. Roland Mouret Lucanus Wool-Crepe Wide-Leg Trousers. £595. Available here.

3. Valentino Cult Embellished Suede Pumps. £525. Available here.

4. The Cambridge Satchel Company. The Classic in Black 13″. £108. Available here.

5. French Connection Ombre Box Chain Necklace. £40. Available here.

6. Oasis Brown Strap Multi Dials Watch. £45. Available here.

7. Alighieri Pier Della Vigna Ring. £140. Available here.

8. Ray-Ban 4105 Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses. £117. Available here.

9. Eugenia Kim Blake Hat. £244.20. Available here.

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Hand Flower Jewellery

There are certain things that I think are best bought on online markets such as Etsy (and I am yet to find better than Etsy), and body jewellery is definitely on that list. When did jewellery suddenly become so interesting (I know, I know, this isn’t a new trend), and Etsy makes it all the more so, because suddenly, we’re not limited to the same old, same old that appears on the high street, or even the more exclusive, but still widely-available designer pieces. We can buy the individual creative gems of a whole host of upcoming, locally established or hobby designers, people whose work we would never otherwise see. Instead of wearing something that is worn by the millions of others who stop at that retail brand worldwide, we can buy something and see there on the screen that there are only a few available, or even, only one unique item.

I honestly think that sites like Etsy are helping drive jewellery in a whole new direction, away from conventional necklaces, earrings, pearls, jewels and diamond rings, and instead we find ourselves wearing handflowers bracelets, body chains over our clothes and weird and wonderfully draped chains that I don’t even know the name of. Personally, I love it.

I especially love hand flower bracelets. While body chains are pretty, and subtly sexy, they can be cumbersome, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to snap more than a few fine chains from forgetting that I am wearing them, or from simply snagging them as I rush through a busy street. I find that ear cuffs can be a bit too hard and edgy for my general style, and I tend to lose my knuckle/midi rings because I subconsciously twist and remove them, never to be seen again. Hand flowers, however, are delicate, beautiful, and they don’t get in my way. They are especially great for special occasions, I find, such as to finalise a guest’s outfit at a boho wedding… or even the boho bride herself, perhaps?

I’ve browsed through Etsy and chosen a few of my favourite hand flower bracelets currently on the market. I want them all…

hand flower

1. Alapop Jewellery. Turquoise Drape Hand Chain Bracelet. £14.86. Available here.

2. Paula B Design. Hodu Hand Chain Ring/Bracelet. £47.66. Available here.

3. Femme Mecanique. Hand Harness No. 4. Tribal Chic Jewellery. £40.23. Available here.

4. Uncommon Folk. Beaded Egyptian Link Hand Chain Bracelet. £29.71. Available here.

5. Elea Jewellery. Gold Hand Chain Bracelet. £22.28. Available here.

6. Funny People Co. Boho Hand Chain Bracelet. £9.90. Available here.

7. Lone Wolf Accents. 24K Gold Crystal Hand Chain Bracelet. £41.47. Available here.

8. Love Caroline O. Gold Hand Chain Hand Chain Bracelet. £6.80. Available here.

9. Gold Cuff Ring Hand Bracelet. £11.14. Available here

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If Only: Outfit of the Day 19#

For all of my styling experiments, this outfit, here, is my ultimate style; this is when I am at my most comfortable, and my most confident, when the clothes I’m wearing become less of a statement and more simply, like a second skin. I’m all for monochrome and neutrals, modern twists on classic silhouettes, vintage influences and elegant simplicity. Yes, it is very modern Audrey Hepburn, isn’t it? I blame all of those old Hollywood movies over the years…


1. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Everly Pleated Stretch-Crepe Skirt. £670. Available here.

2. ISSA Esther Off-The-Shoulder Bandage Top. £250. Available here.

3. CLU Silk and Lace-Trimmed Wool and Cashmere-Blend Cardigan. £430. Available here.

4. Jimmy Choo Walton Suede D’Orsay Point-Toe Flats. £395. Available here.

5. Marni Leather Tote. £1050. Available here.

6. Burberry Prorsum Printed Cashmere Scarf. £695. Available here.

7. Aurelie Bidermann Organic Feathers Gold Necklace. £920. Available here.

8. The Row Cat Eye Leather-Trimmed Acetate Sunglasses. £295. Available here.

9. Valentino Wool-Blend Felt Cape. £1915. Available here.

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If Only: Outfit of the Day 18#

Generally, I’m a bit of a fashion traditionalist; I don’t tend to experiment too wildly, I know what I like, I know what I can wear, and what I can’t, and I stick to that. However, sometimes, I’m willing to piece together things that will probably clash; florals and stripes, brights and monochromes, or in this case, silk and silk, green diamonds with blue Tudor-rose-esque motifs. A belt would be required to stop the silk-on-silk slip-and-slide. An extra button undone would reveal a hint of black lace. A few simple items of jewellery would turn the outfit from mismatched pyjama to daytime glamour, completed with rolled up sleeves and folded trouser legs, and a pair of nude heels. I love this trend – the best trends are always the cosiest, after all!


1. J. Crew Collection Silk-Foulard Wide-Leg Pants. £475. Available here.

2. Equipment Blaise Boundless Print Silk Shirt. £320. Available here.

3. Stella McCartney Georgia Glowing Stretch-Lace Soft-Cup Triangle Bra. £85. Available here. (Matching briefs can be found here for £45)

4. Miu Miu Madras Textured-Leather Tote. £1080. Available here.

5. Gianvito Rossi Leather Pumps. £425. Available here.

6. Fendi Two-Tone D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses. £200. Available here.

7. ASOS Chunky Metal Super Skinny Waist Belt. £2.50. Available here.

8. Maria Black Vixed Gold-Plated Necklace £130. Available here.

9. Jennifer Fisher Screw Gold-Plated Cuff. £315. Available here.

10. Arme De L’Amour Chevron Gold-Plated Phalanx Ring. £110. Available here.

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