New York Fashion Week: Day 7#

It’s the final day of NY fashion week! Tomorrow, the big-eyed gaze of the fashion-mad population will turn their attention to London, but as for NYC.. things definitely ended on a high! Though I have to end on a weirdly geeky note.. as much as I love Marc Jacobs’ new collection, there is just something about his designs that reminds me of this… I blame the recent London publicity stunts regarding the new series last month.

Ralph Lauren

lauren lauren2 lauren3 lauren4 lauren5 lauren6 lauren7 lauren8 lauren9

J. Mendel

jmendel jmendel2 jmendel3 jmendel4 jmendel5 jmendel6 jmendel7 jmendel8 jmendel9

Calvin Klein Collection

calvin calvin2 calvin3

Juan Carlos Obando

juan juan2 juan3 juan4 juan5 juan6 juan7

Marc Jacobs

marc marc2 marc3 marc4 marc5

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If Only: Outfit of the Day 28#

While I think there are certain limits between men and women sharing wardrobes – walking in to find any boyfriend of mine wearing my bra, for example, will never be taken lightly by me – I think there are a few staple pieces that every woman should pinch from her man’s wardrobe. Men’s shirts being the big must-have. They just look so sexy and chic with anything, be it tucked into an old pair of baggy chinos on a lazy day, dressed up with a midi-skirt an a waist belt, or tied at the waist with a pair of leather hotpants, we wear them better than any man, and we have so much more freedom to experiment! I feel for guys, I really do, their fashion trends are so much more restrictive than ours..


1. Burton Black Shirt with Tipping. £22 £10. Available here.

2. NastyGal Fleur Bustier in Black. £23.29. Available here.

3. ASOS Premium Full Midi Skirt in Bonded Crepe. £75 £52. Available here.

4. Michael Michael Kors Selma Leather Tote. £315. Available here.

5. River Island Black Lace Up Chunky Heel Platform Shoes. £35 £20. Available here.

6. Rachel Entwistle Large Gold Cross Pendant. £165. Available here.

7. Misselfridge Burgundy Sock with Black Lace. £3.50. Available here.

8. My Flash Trash Double Pearl Ring. £20 £14.50. Available here.

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