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Emma Styles.

Photographer. Writer. Creative Dabbler.

 Born and raised in beautiful England, hovering somewhere between owning a city chic membership and practically becoming a farmer, I launched my personal photography blog way back in 2008 to document my expanding portfolio as I learnt the ropes of fashion photography (though very few posts from that early start remain). Over time my opinions towards blogging, my style, and therefore, my little corner of the blogosphere have adapted into what it is today. At what point do I stop referring to myself as a girl who blogs and start calling myself a bona fide blogger? Would it be now? Screw it, I say it’s now.

Be aware, you will no doubt encounter sarcasm, dry remarks towards the oddities around me (for which I seem to have a fine-tuned radar), frequent references to the weather and lots of pet peeves. However, you will also encounter my genuine passion life, travel and creativity, with this blog covering everything from quirky corners of the globe, to the latest runway looks, to, as ever, my ever-expanding, ever-evolving fashion photography portfolio.

Please also note, while, being so quintessentially English, I am fluent in the languages snark, wit, and whinge, but my expressions of happy feelings is limited to an overuse of the words ‘love/ly’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘wonderful’.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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