If Only: Outfit of the Day 28#

While I think there are certain limits between men and women sharing wardrobes – walking in to find any boyfriend of mine wearing my bra, for example, will never be taken lightly by me – I think there are a few staple pieces that every woman should pinch from her man’s wardrobe. Men’s shirts being the big must-have. They just look so sexy and chic with anything, be it tucked into an old pair of baggy chinos on a lazy day, dressed up with a midi-skirt an a waist belt, or tied at the waist with a pair of leather hotpants, we wear them better than any man, and we have so much more freedom to experiment! I feel for guys, I really do, their fashion trends are so much more restrictive than ours..


1. Burton Black Shirt with Tipping. £22 £10. Available here.

2. NastyGal Fleur Bustier in Black. £23.29. Available here.

3. ASOS Premium Full Midi Skirt in Bonded Crepe. £75 £52. Available here.

4. Michael Michael Kors Selma Leather Tote. £315. Available here.

5. River Island Black Lace Up Chunky Heel Platform Shoes. £35 £20. Available here.

6. Rachel Entwistle Large Gold Cross Pendant. £165. Available here.

7. Misselfridge Burgundy Sock with Black Lace. £3.50. Available here.

8. My Flash Trash Double Pearl Ring. £20 £14.50. Available here.

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