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Blogging Advice from Queen of the Blogosphere


Funny story. I recently just so happened to bump into a well known fashion and lifestyle blogger here in London (because let’s face it, none of us can ever so much as step outside to buy a pint of milk and a newspaper without crossing several celebrities, bloggers, youtubers, and that one hit wonder guy from the 80’s along the way), and she was kind enough to allow me to pick her brain on how to become a ‘successful blogger’.

She was quite a character, and I can see why London loves her; eccentricity is the best acceptable social quirk of the city.

A few words of advice from an anonymous (for once) blogging queen…

1. ‘Darling, you must model and photograph you outfit every day – and never be seen in the same outfit twice.’

2. ‘If you’re serious about fashion, or photography, or writing, or all three, then darling, remain serious and professional at all times.’

3. ‘Remember, if you want your blog to be read worldwide, darling, keep the sarcasm to a minimum. It doesn’t translate well.’

4. Don’t complain, darling. Don’t bitch or rant or whine or talk about the negatives of the industry – any industry.

5. Set up a vlog. Everyone has a vlog, now days, darling.’

And this one quite literally sent my jaw dropping to the pavement…

6: ‘Darling, until you get noticed and people start sending you things, you absolutely have to be willing to spend at least five hundred pounds a month on new clothing.’

I feel like I ought to be running merrily into the hills, as if I have been granted the secret to eternal life… actually no, I think anyone who wants to live forever is a fool, so let’s say, as if I have been granted the secret to eternal youth. But… I’m not. Instead, I left feeling downright disappointed. I had sat with them hoping for inspiration and instead I came away with… rebellion. Rebellious inspiration, but rebellion all the same.

I really admire this person, and I read their blog pretty much daily, but this simply isn’t the direction that I want to move in, and I don’t want to be another person who thinks, ‘ok, this is what has to be done to succeed in this industry, these are the key criteria to be met.’ I don’t have £500 a month to spend on clothes that are only going to be worn once each, and I refuse to believe that most fashion bloggers do either. As for no ranting and whining… but I’m so much more eloquent when I have something to complain about! As I mentioned in The Hub, my positive expressions are generally limited to ‘wonderful, ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely/love’… used repeatedly in a single sentence for added effect.

Maybe this decision has set me on the course of committing blogging suicide, and this will therefore never be read by the legions of followers that everyone who sets up a fashion/photography/any blog at all hopes to have, and I ought to listen to the oh-so-wise (not sarcasm for once – she actually was a very knowledgable cookie), blogger and keep my blog polished, serious, and expensive to maintain due to the conveyor belt wardrobe. But then again, I can’t help but think that that would just be so… dull. I’d prefer not to cut out my snarky comments, my sarcasm and my make-believe wardrobe because I can’t afford to frequently re-stock the real one. I don’t want to play make believe just so that people will like me, and my blog. After all, though life is all about daring to be different, there are well-read blogs out there that break at least a few of these ‘rules’… look at The Man Repeller as just one example.

Therefore, the sarcasm, bitching, whining and virtual pouting will remain, darling, (that’s not mockery, that is actually my pet name of choice), alongside the cheerier stuff.

P.S… I have not overruled the possibility that said blogger went out of her way to give me the worst advice ever for her own amusement (or perhaps I’m marking it as an option purely because that would be my response of choice..) Ooo, the conspiracy theories are suddenly running riot in my mind…

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The 3 L's

Blog Re-Brand…

When I first started blogging, oh, what? Six years ago now? (Though no trace of those first blogs can be found anywhere in the vast mass of the inter-void anymore) It was just a casual thing, a chance to share a few images from my earliest portfolio-building photo shoots, or the personal travel snaps or evening-walk-in-the-woods snaps that filled my life. Lately, however, I’ve really fallen for the whole ‘blogging’ thing. It’s no longer just a half-hearted hobby that I would tend to forget about whenever I actually had something interesting – usually a photo shoot – worth blogging about.

Frankly, I don’t know why I haven’t embraced the writer in me sooner – publically, I mean. I’ve always written. Fiction, mostly, since I was about… oh, tiny. Primary school age. It’s always been a big part of who I am, and yet I’ve always kept it a secret, scared that if I were to tell my friends, then offence would be taken if I then refused to share my ‘masterpiece collection’ (I swear, I’ve never referred to my writings in that way before in my life, nor will I again)

I’m in the middle of a complete blog overhaul. It’s long overdue. You’ll be seeing some changes around here, as well as over at my other blog – the travel blog – here. That means, unfortunately, that things will be a bit higgledy-piggledy… random blog posts will be popping up here and there to ‘fill in the gaps’, because let’s face it, this blog was extremely gappy. I did, for a while, consider merging the two in a Park and Cube-esque mega-blog, but somehow I think that’s a bad move, right?

Screw it, let’s do it.

All merge.


I plan to create my own personal blog theme, to bring my own identity to my site, fully, rather than simply plastering my words on another person’s web design. Besides, it’d be a great addition to my own fresh new web design portfolio (coming soon to what will also be my brand new, also designed by me website!) As for the rest of my plans for my snippet of blogosphere… you’ll see.

It’s all very exciting, no?

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The 3 L's


_MG_3602-2 cropped

It is definitely a good time for a re-brand, I would say. Time for a new website, new photography blog, new logo… a completely fresh, new look.

Recently, I’ve learnt the importance of not allowing my portfolio, my business and generally, my creativity to become stale. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a loop, like a broken record, repeating the same ideas over and over, producing the same photographs, working with the same people. I was guilty of this in 2013; for example, I worked with one particular model no less than half a dozen times in two months. We worked great together, and, as people often do when they work together as often as we did between 2012 and 2013, we became good friends, which for a while only fed our creativity further; she was, I suppose you could say, my muse. However, after a while, our model-photographer friendship became less of a muse, and more of a habit. Our shoots became less ‘spontaneous’ and more ‘half-heartedly planned’. Actually, no, half-hearted is not accurate… just… rushed.

It was therapeutic, really. In many ways, 2013 was a bad year for me, personally. A lot happened, and these somewhat repetitive photo shoots were a release, with the familiar team, making me laugh, inspiring me. I don’t regret falling into a replay loop for those two months, but it’s definitely not something that I wish to continue either.

I plan to break that mould this year, and to experiment with new creative teams, new locations, new creative mediums. I have been working hard to learn web design, experimenting with graphic design, throwing myself into the creative writing that I have always privately enjoyed so much. I have for some time been considering whether I am purely a photographer, or whether or not I will some time in the near future also call myself a graphic designer, or a writer, or even a web designer? The four creative professions overlap easily, they can each focus on the same fashion-led specialty, while opening my eyes to ways of creating art that this time last year, I would never have considered.

I have so many plans for 2014, and I am so excited to begin! I will be stepping out of my comfort zone with some new projects. I will be experiment and discover new areas of photography, further my new-found graphic and web design skills (hopefully, talents), exploring new styles and techniques and meeting new people. I have a moleskine of ideas that are still little more than a scribbled note or a hastily drawn sketch, and this needs rectifying. What’s more, I will be deciding on my future ‘base’. It’s no secret that I tend to be a bit of a nomad. I blog about it here. I love border-hopping across Europe; the vast array of cultures, languages and opinions are such a wonderful source of inspiration for me. However, recently I have been wondering whether it is time to lay down some roots, and to find a base for myself, and to become a girl who occasionally travels, rather than a girl who occasionally flies back home.

It’s a tough decision for me, and right now I have no idea which I will choose… not just in terms of nomad or… sedentary? And after that decision, then there is the matter of which country do I choose? Which city? London? Paris? Milan? Or do I throw myself out into the unknown entirely and fly to the States, to NYC – a complete unknown to me. It would have to be a fashion capital, I can say that much at present. That much is clear, no? No doubt, I shall blog about my decision, once it is made, and so keep a close eye.

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