Every blog I go on lately has been talking about MAC’s new cover girl: bodybuilder and fitness model, Jelena Abbou. It makes sense of course, who better than a beautiful bodybuilder to model a collection entitled ‘Strength’? But people still seem to be pretty shocked by it, though shocked in a good way, luckily. I think fashion is finally beginning to embrace the fact that not everyone is a skinny minnie, teeny tiny size zero, and MAC’s new collection is just one example of that, though there is still a lot of catching up to do, for example, Vogue’s summer spread didn’t exactly go about celebrating the bulging biceps of the female olympic athletes, did they? They were still instead, for the most part, stuffed, as much as their biceps would allow, into that ‘perfect model’ box.

It’s not the first time that MAC have shocked with their choice of cover girl, such as last year, when 90 year old interior designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel collaborated with MAC to create her own makeup range, and went on to act as cover girl for the range. Everyone was shocked that MAC, a top cosmetics brand, if not THE top cosmetics brand would ever use a model past her twenties, let alone a woman in her nineties! However, I can’t help but have noticed that people seem to be rebelling about the obsession with youth that our society has, and the fashion and beauty industries seem to have started listening. For example, this Vogue cover, published January this year, featuring 62 year old Meryl Streep, Vogue’s oldest ever cover girl, a few years back in 2009, Ellen DeGeneres first appeared as the face of CoverGirl, then aged 50, and all over the catwalks more mature celebrities are dressing their age, while still looking incredible, rather than leaving us to cringe at their ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ attitude that we used to see so often.

It’s about time.

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MAC’s Bodybuilding Cover Girl