I think every girl wants to go glamping (glamorous camping) at some point in her life.. I mean, look!

1 roundhouse exterior wide front door

Technically anyone can go glamping and it can fit all budgets, but it would be stretching it for a backpacker to ‘glamp it’. I mean, it can be enough of a hassle carrying around a tent, sleeping bag, a pillow, a sleeping mat/air bed. For glamping, you have to go that step further. Instead of buying your camping gear purely for practicality, you’re pretty much designing a set for a photo shoot or a movie set. It’s vain camping. If I was on a road trip, I’d go all out with the glamping and fill the Mary Poppins boot with a big white canvas tent, Urban Outfitters bedding, cushions, blankets and rugs, there’s be an adorable wicker picnic basket and Cath Kidston dishes and cutlery on the back seat, bunting and candles in my suitcase and I’d spend hours and hours perfecting it all each night before I could finally sleep on my big king sized air bed. But that would be a bit of a nuisance.

There are now campsites dedicated to Glamping, and some festivals such as the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire (19th-22nd July) has begun to offer Glamping sites as an option for those who prefer not to get muddy. Canopy and Stars is a very good site for finding a glamped up tent, teepee or hobbit house for a night or two, as is Go Glamping, but its definitely not in a backpacker’s budget. Prices vary greatly but just to give you an idea, a Mongolian yurt for two in Carmarthenshire is currently on offer at £64 a night on the Canopy and Stars website.

Still, it is possible to ‘glamp’ up a normal camping trip, particularly for festivals. The high street is full of more fashion-worthy camping gear around at the moment.


Cath Kidston is a very good brand for glamping. Her website has a whole section dedicated to picnics and camping, including the tent above and cutlery below.

And Urban Outfitters are brilliant for bedding, cushions and rugs.

Black Rug

Yellow Floral Rug

Pink Floral Rug

Reversible Quilt

Patchwork Quilt

Floral Quilt

So not really a realistic option for serious budget backpackers, just something that girls who love both fashion and travel dream about. Like I said, if I ever buy a car/campervan and go away on a road trip, maybe I’ll glamp it. Or (more likely), maybe I’ll splash out for a short glamping trip somewhere, and save myself the hassle of having to set up my camp site.

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Oddly Enough Lookbook

Jess Erica 1#


As I’ve mentioned before, I have recently been working with fashion student Erica Godfrey on her final collection. We have already had two photo shoots together, which can be seen here and here, and today, the third and final (though hopefully not too final) photo shoot took place.

We were lucky enough to find a great studio locally with large windows, which allowed plenty of natural lighting. Hanging fabric to create our own custom background, we focused on a very typical English, slightly Cath Kidston feel. Working with chameleon haired Jess, who was also one of the models of our test shoot, we spent the afternoon experimenting with draping, crafting, altering and layering a suitcase full of accessories to create just the right look.

The main purpose of this photo ‘series’ was of course for Erica’s final university project before her graduation, but I’m hoping that I have also helped her to get learn to ropes of photo shoots. I certainly seemed to have achieved in that sense. One month ago, Erica freely admitted to me that she had never worked on a photo shoot, or had any of her work photographed, but for a small home studio with her own camera for her online shop, as is the case with most independent designers. Now, however, she has experienced three very different fashion shoots, and I have watched her confidence grow with each as she has styled our models with an expert eye for detail. It’s been lovely working together.

Jess Erica 2#

Jess Erica 3#

Jess Erica 4#

Jess Erica 5#


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