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So yesterday me and a few uni friends drove down to London with one of our lecturers to take a peek at a few exhibitions. I especially loved Tim Walker’s Somerset House exhibition! Unfortunately after the first two weeks, Walker asked for photography to be banned, and so I’ve had to steal images from other blogs to show just how amazing it was ♥

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I love seeing inside Tim Walker’s head whenever possible, I’ve read so many interviews, I recently bought his ‘Pictures’ book and have spent weeks pouring over over word, every drawing and every photograph, and so this exhibition was my idea of heaven. He juts has a really interesting way of seeing the world and of describing his thoughts that always draws me in, and of course he has that effect on everyone, and that is why he is so famous and so loved and admired!

Also at Somerset House, is the current Cartier-Bresson exhibition. That surprised us all in being rather different than we thought; only about a quarter of the images, if that, had been shot by Cartier-Bresson. I admit I read nothing about the exhibition before arriving so only presumed, so when I arrived I was surprised to see so many pop-art colourful, modern images by various other artists. Basically it is laid out as a debate between the emotional power behind colour and black and white photography, steming from Cartier-Bresson’s comment: ‘Colour photography is not up to the mark – prove me wrong!’ And so many photographers, including Saul Leiter, Carolyn Drake and Joel Meyerowitz, took him up on that challenge.

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Both Tim Walker: Storyteller and Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour are currently free to view at Somerset House. Both exhibitions end on 27th January, so I’d hurry up and go to see it if I were you!

I myself plan to head back soon – I still have the Valentino exhibition to see there!

We also headed to the National Portrait Gallery to see this year’s Taylor Wessing exhibition. I won’t say too much about this exhibition, my opinions may not please everyone to hear… but go and check it out. It’s running until 17th February in the National Portrait Gallery. We also took a peek at the Duchess of Cambridge’s first official royal portrait… can’t say that we were impressed… Paul Emsley managed to portray Kate as dull, exhausted, in need of a good wash, and what on earth was going on with her hair colour?! Bizarre.


As for London itself… I so wish we hadn’t always been in such a hurry to see everything, as the snow rather slowed us down in getting there! The lighting was amazing, the mist beautiful (though unfortunately, deadly, RIP Peter Barnes and Matthew Wood, who lost their lives in the horrific helicopter crash yesterday morning), and I just wanted to sit around with my camera, and a big mug of coffee to keep warm, photographing London.

I’ll be back there soon 😀 it’s the Adventure Travel Show next weekend, and, geek that I am, I’m of course going! I do have my own BIG adventure in the works, after all….. 😀

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