Rhea Clements


Earlier this spring, I was asked by the extremely talented Rhea Clements to photograph her latest collection of knitted jewellery and accessories for her website. I have been fortunate to work Rhea multiple times in the past, and we have collaborated often; sometimes she is willing to provide me with items for a personal project of mine, and sometimes I step in, as I did in this instance, to help to photograph a new collection.


Somewhere along the line, what began as a simple catalogue shoot developed something of a vintage, Mad Men-esque quality, which I now adore. It just goes to show how easily influenced we all are by the things around us. Though I would not describe Rhea’s work as vintage in style or reminscent of Mad Men, it works, regardless. Slightly muted colours finish the look, and I can only hope that Rhea is pleased with the results. She certainly claims to be, and that’s good enough for me._MG_0434

Our lighting was a simple set up so as not to distract from the items in anyway, providing a literal blank canvas from which Rhea’s bold colour pallets and the bright wardrobe could shine out. Our model was the wonderful Oona Elizabeth, while hair and makeup were both provided by Razwana Kausar.

I can’t wait until the next opportunity for Rhea and I to experiment and be creative with our collaborations.

_MG_0445 _MG_0512Model: Oona Elizabeth

MUA/Hair: Razwana Kausar

Styling: Emma Styles

Jewellery/Accessories: Rhea Clements

Studio: Pixel Pals Studio, Derby

The full collection can be viewed and purchased here.

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Rhea Clements: AW12

Nuria 1#

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to work with the very talented Rhea Clements. Rhea is a Nottingham-based jewellery and accessories designer who specialises in knitwear. She asked me to photograph her gorgeous latest collection for her (I was especially fond of the necklace above… I may have to treat myself), ready for autumn, and of course, I was happy to oblige. After some discussion, we established that she wished for a theme of ‘war paint’ and warriors.

The makeup involved was really quite extraordinary, and required two hours of work from both a makeup artist and body paint artist, collaborating together. I dread to think just how much black body paint was used to achieve this look. It was all worth it, as the look gave the final images a really edgy, powerful look to them, which, luckily, Rhea loved.

Nuria 3# Nuria 9# Nuria 8# Nuria 7# Nuria 6# Nuria 5# _MG_9146Nuria 2#

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