One day I will own a pair of Manolo’s ♥

I love Manolo’s, I have ever since I first watched Sex and the City.. maybe even longer! Personally though, as much as I would of course love to own a pair, I can’t really say that I’m the biggest fan of heels: their’s painful, awkward to walk in, and I can’t walk half as far in them as I can in flats, all fairly obvious. I mean, I can walk in them, I often do, and they’re so, so pretty, but damn, they’re the style of shoes I love to hate. Still, one day I will own a pair of Manolos, and one day I will own one of Manolo Blahnik’s amazing drawings, and it will be hung on my wall in my study area.. when I have one of those too, way, way in the future once I decide to find myself a base rather than living from my suitcase. Seriously though, how pretty are these?!


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