Everyone knows the importance of experimentation, especially when trying to work your way into a creative industry. I prefer to carry around a little moleskine, jotting down any ideas that spring up on me unexpectedly, sometimes drawing sketches to better explain my ideas than words ever could. I’m fortunate to have met so many creative individuals since I began building my portfolio, so long ago, and so I have reached a point where I have a wide network of people who are willing to help me bring my ideas to life. Equally, of course, i tend to step in to help them with their ideas also.

This photo shoot was an opportunity for myself and my makeup artist Emma to go crazy with makeup and push the boat out a little more than we tend to. The idea came from a dream in which I had a lovely discussion about the state of the world’s economy over tea and biscuits with a toucan and an owl. Yes, it was one of those dreams. It just goes to show, however, that ideas for great shoots can literally come from anywhere, and we just have to alert enough to notice.

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Snow! I can’t decide if I love or hate snow.. I think I love it, as long as I don’t have any plans, which means I can rush out with my camera, snap snap snap, and then rush back inside again and snuggle up with a lovellllyyyy hot chocolate – with little marshmellows, of course! However, the snow has rather ruined a few plans not just for myself, but for my lovely friends too, such as the lovely Jade’s 21st birthday party! But I can’t blame the snow for that, I mean, if Japan can cope with 60FT of snow, (I mean seriously, look at this), we should be able to cope with less than a foot without our public transport systems shutting down and messing up our plans!

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The 3 L's

Snow Day: Taking a Walk


Monochrome Fashion

Back in September I had a lovely photo-shoot with my biggest creative team yet. It was windy and rainy for the most part of the day and wreaked havoc on my set and everyone’s hair but thankfully the sun did come out half way through the shoot itself! Big thanks to:
My models:
Jessie Jing
Natalie Kate
Geo McCondichie
Tasha ‘Boo’
My MUA, the lovely Razwana
Donna and her team from Bonce Salon
My lovely assistant Cali
and Geo’s boyfriend Chris who became an unexpected second assistant – he spent most of his time re-tying and draping fabric to the tree branch as the wind blew my set up apart! Would have been a disaster without him and Cali there!
Behind the Scenes shots taken by Cali:
And some final images:

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